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Niseko Haute Route 2016 Summer

Article, Yoshi Toge Photography, Haru Yoshida This article (original article written in Japanese) was released…



Our local weather

Our local weather
analyst’s summary of winter 2015/2016. How did last season’s stats stack up
against meteorological data from the past decade?

“Riding and Life”
Interview with Shu

introduces local skiers and snowboarders who live and work in Niseko. This time
we meet Shu, a keen backcountry skier who recently accomplished the Niseko
Haute Route in a single day. When not in the mountains, he’s also a skilled
jewellery designer and gem sculptor. We tracked him down to ask about
inspiration, art and the ski life.



My Father’s Signature

The first time I came to Niseko, Japan I was a young ambitious freeskier making the journey from my home in the western mountains of the United States to film for a ski movie called, Signatures….

Discussion of Niseko Rules:
How the Freedom of Skiing Has Been Protected.

Niseko Rules is the first agreement in Japan to allow back-country ski access from ski resorts. It has been a major factor in Niseko’s international popularity. How were such unique set of rules agreed upon? We focus on the past and present of Niseko Rules, and discuss its future.